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  1. Hi Jacob! I really enjoyed your take on Sita’s abduction with Ravana becoming Pennywise from IT. You took the story in a really creative direction, and I can see the parallels between both stories. Both Rama and the man were lured away and tricked by the antagonist in order for the villain to kidnap the victim. Furthermore, both Jatayu and Maturin act in a noble manner to save the women, but both ultimately fail. It’d be interesting to continue in this creative direction with a continuous parallel between the Ramayana and IT. For example, rather than the woman being eaten by Pennywise, perhaps she stands up to him like Sita stands up to Ravana. While Ravana and Pennywise may be motivated by different desires, both would listen to the woman and delay in their goal. This could allow the man, who could parallel Rama, to eventually find the woman through his loyal aid; this could be a golden retriever that parallels Hanuman. Overall, it was a great story!

  2. Hi Jacob,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on Ravana's abduction of Sita with a Pennywise twist. I thought it was really creative to incorporate something you really enjoy in the readings. It makes writing stories and being creative more natural and easier. With the IT theme, you could further the story by connecting the character from IT to more stories from the Ramayana. You could make Rama, his brother, their father--all character from the novel. I really like the incorporation of Maturin and Jatayu. I appreciate the amount of thought it took when coming up with connections to the epic story and to the novel. You could also make a backstory to Pennywise and the woman. You could make it seem like Pennywise has been after this woman for a while, making it more realistic to Ravana and Sita if you wanted to take that direction. I hope to read more of your stories--great work!

  3. Hey Jacob,

    Your story "Abduction" is a great one that you have written there. I think that I gives me a sense that I may be reading Stephen King's book. I think is great and exciting that yo were able to combine an iconic figure as Pennywise into this story. I think that it fits perfectly because we all know Pennywise very well and his behavior toward people that he does not like. I find that interesting that you didn't mention Pennywise at the very beginning of the story and make him like the center of your story. I wonder what it would be like if you built the character pennywise at the beginning of the story. I think I would get a little confused if I don't know who Pennywise before reading the story. What if you provide a little background of what Pennywise's intention and how he became what he is and why he keeps doing it would be a great way to introduce him. Overall though, great story and I love it

  4. Hi Jacob,

    I really enjoyed reading your story "Abduction," and felt like it was very well written. All the details and imagery you used throughout your story really made it easy for me to see what exactly was going on throughout your story. One thing I think you might add is at the end of the story. I feel like you could have added something about what the boyfriend did, and how he reacted to the situation. Did he get a good look a Pennywise? Was he able to track her down eventually? Did Pennywise actually eat his girlfriend? I feel like if you were able to add these details at the end it would make your story that much better.

  5. Hi Jacob!

    I love how organized your website it! I enjoy all the images you included as well. Your website is easy to navigate. I think the images you used were great! They are very colorful and brighten up your page! I like the font you use as well. It is easy to read!

    I really enjoyed reading Abduction! It was a great story! It was fun to read! It was interesting how you incorporated Pennywise. The story was super detailed.

    I also liked your Shazam story! The cover art is perfcet!

  6. Hi Jacob!
    Your portfolio page is very creative. I like how you chose to tie your two favorite things, horror and superheroes, into your stories. I think that really added to the flow of the stories because it was about things that you are actually passionate about. Your story "Abduction" was my favorite out of all the stories. I have watched not only the original IT, but the remake, the sequel, and have also read the book. It was very fun being able to see how you connected that story to Sita's abduction in the Ramayana. I had never realized until reading your story how many similarities there are between IT and Sita being abducted by Ravana, especially the part where Sita is tricked into coming out to be abducted. I feel like that is exactly what happened in IT as well. The boat went down into the drain to lure Georgie to Pennywise. Your stories are very well written.


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